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Rad Roller: Assessments & Intervention Techniques for Pain Free Movement
When: 10/27/2018
Stop chasing pain and mobility restrictions. Learn how to assess muscle and fascia, stability and mobility movement patterns, and design self-myofascial release techniques using the most anatomically-designed massage and recovery tools. You’ll learn the latest research of the nervous system, fascia, muscles and movement. Then apply RAD Roller SMR techniques to help improve your clients’ strength, power output, mobility, recovery and risk of injury.

This is a live, hands-on course, that takes you through the RAD Mobility 1 Certification techniques, plus protocols and practical assessments of the upper body and lower body using the RAD Roller and RAD Rod. Leave with ACE and NASM CEUS from the Live Course. You will also have access to online learning modules to complete the RAD Mobility 1 Certification Exam (optional), upon completion of online exam gain another .4 CEUS through: NCBTMB, NASM, AFFA, ACE, ISSA, BB, PMA, BCRPA, BACK, CATA.

Registration Includes: RAD Roller and RAD Rod

Rad Roller's vision is to help people improve body movements through innovative tools and education. Whether you want to help yourself or others improve mobility, power output for a sporting event, enhance recovery after physical therapy or a workout, or simply relieve some tension, we have something for you. www.radroller.com

KU Edwards Campus The Best Conference Center
8:30am - 5:30pm
In this Workshop, You will Learn:

• Differentiate between causes of movement restriction and immobility
• Scan the entire body and learn extremely effective release techniques from the head to the toes using various techniques and the entire RAD arsenal
• Determine which tool is best suited to different impairments and contexts
• List the systems and structures in the body that are responsible for the positive effects of SMR
• Understand the different classifications of impairments that will restrict an individual’s mobility
• Establish an order of operation for treatment/program design
• Learn the different postural compensations that can be detected visually
• Understand the most common strain patterns and myofascial imbalances
• Conduct simple assessments that the body should be able to perform with ease
• Identify common mobility impairments from different case studies
.8 Live Hours NASM & ACE
+ .4 CEUS after optional online test NCBTMB, NASM, AFFA, ACE, ISSA, BB, PMA, BCRPA, BACK & CATA
Nick Mueller & Roy Choquette . Rad Roller

• Nick is the Director of Golf Education at RAD, a Master Instructor for RAD, and a Fascial Stretch Therapist. His experiences as a Strength and Conditioning Coach have led him to working with athletes from a variety of sport backgrounds at the amateur, professional, and Olympic levels. Nick’s specialty lies in mobility restoration, movement efficiency, and power production, as well as performance of the rotary athlete. With his “regress to progress” approach to building resilient foundations for the athletes, he is becoming a widely sought after consultant for athletes on professional tours and NCAA programs.
• Roy is the Training Coordinator and Learning Experience Designer for RAD Education, and Master Instructor. He has been active in education and exercise science for over 10 years as a collegiate exercise science program director, corrective exercise specialist, martial arts instructor, and anatomy and physiology teacher.
$199 Early Bird Before 9/7/18 (With Lunch $209)

$249 after 9/7/18 (With Lunch $259)

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