Excel Wellness Studio
11705 College Boulevard
Overland Park, Kansas 66210
Movement from the Ground Up: Barefoot Training with Dr. Emily Splichal
When: 11/11/2017
Experience the latest in barefoot movement progressions, bodyweight training, small nerve
activation and fascial programming.

Dr Emily will show you how to survive the unnatural conditions of today’s shod society and optimize your client’s movement patterns. All demographics from Baby Boomers, to athletes, and weight loss clients will be addressed.

This Workshop is a combination of the following lectures and practical mini-workshops:

Foot to Core Sequencing: Explore just how integrated the foot is with proximal stability, efficient movement and force generation. Learn the neuromuscular, biomechanical and fascial interconnections between the foot and core. Try activation techniques and progressions that will change the way you look at movement.

Fascial Tensioning and the Bodyweight Athlete: Fascia and tensegrity take on a whole new meaning as a bodyweight athlete. From faster joint stability to more efficient transfer of forces, tapping into the fascial system is the linchpin to optimizing performance. Experience concepts in fascial tensioning and fascial elasticity as it relates to both foot and hand strength. (workout)

Run Injury Free! Understanding Impact Forces: Explore how running-related injuries are linked to delayed or altered perception of impact forces and how foot to core sequencing can decrease the delayed loading response.

The Future of Proprioceptive Training: Small Nerve Stimulation: Say goodbye to unstable surfaces and hello to barefoot fascial training and small nerve stimulation as the most effective means for improving joint proprioceptive awareness.

Barefoot Baby Boomers: Explore how footwear and aging negatively impacts the sensitivity of plantar proprioceptors and how the theory of neuroplasticity, anti-aging science and barefoot training can be applied to this population.

KU Edwards Campus, The Best Conference Center
8:30AM- 5:30PM
.8 ACE and NASM
Dr Emily Splichal, DPM, MS, CES, Podiatrist and Human Movement Specialist, is the Founder of the Evidence Based Fitness Academy and Creator of the Barefoot Training Specialist®, BarefootRx® and BARE® Workout Certifications for health and wellness professionals. With over 15 years in the fitness industry, Dr Splichal has dedicated her medical career towards studying postural alignment and human movement as it relates to foot function and barefoot training.

Dr Splichal actively sees patients in Manhattan, NY with a specialty in sports medicine, biomechanics and forefoot surgery. Dr Splichal takes great pride in approaching all patients through a functional approach with the integration of full biomechanical assessments and movement screens.

Splichal also serves as a Consultant for some of the top fitness, footwear and orthotic companies including NIKE Innovations, Trigger Point Performance Therapy, Aetrex Worldwide, Crunch Fitness and Sols.
$169 Early Bird Before 9/8/17 (With Lunch $179)
After 9/8/17 $189

[Hotel Room Block] at SHERATON OVERLAND PARK HOTEL AT THE CONVENTION CENTER call 866-837-4214 and ask for the Excel Wellness Studio Room Block, King Room $109, 2 Queens $119 good until October 9th.

[LUNCH ON SITE SATURDAY] Ruby Jean's Juicery will be providing lunch for $10: Southwest Chicken Wrap, Salmon Salad, Grilled Chicken Salad
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