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Clean & Lean in 2018
When: 1/29/2018 - 3/9/2018
Join Jill and Team Excel for a 6 Week Transformation Challenge that focuses on real food nutrition and movement. We’re looking for people that are ready to focus in on feeling better, increasing their energy and adopting and healthy and balanced lifestyle. This is not a fad diet program, a weight loss contest or a quick fix. Clean and Lean is about making better choices, eating real, unprocessed foods, checking in daily, learning about nutrition and behavior change, committing to consistent exercise and movement challenges and living your life to the fullest.

Registration ends Friday, January 19th; 3 Days of Prep begins Friday, January 26th and First Day of Program begins Monday, January 29th

Excel Wellness Studio
Clean and Lean Includes:

• Pre – Challenge measurements and check in with Jill (week of January 22nd)
• Three Day Challenge Prep includes Menu Mapping, Clean Eating and Shopping Guide along with Bulk Food Cooking guidance
• Daily Check Ins via Push Notification on App (Smartphone or Web based)
• Daily Lessons focused in on 6 Weekly Habits
• Pinterest Recipe Page, Portion Control Guides, Breakfast Guide, Shake Guide
• Weekly Movement Challenges
• Weekly Virtual Check Ins with Jill
• Private Facebook group for more coaching with Jill and Team Excel
• Key Card Membership to Excel (7 Days/Week 5am – 9pm)
• Personal Training Options:
- Max Burn for Women, 30 minute sessions Monday – Thursdays (time slots in the early morning, lunch hour or evening)
- 3 Private Personal Training Sessions
• Coaching Session at end of Program to review Accomplishments and Progress
Jill Stoppel-Davis and Team Excel
• $199; new clients
• Current Clients or Max Burn Members: $99

• Optional Add Ons:
+ 10 Days of Shakeology for $60
+ Extra Private Training Sessions, special price of $55/session