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Group Training

Our World-class, Fat-burning Group Fitness Program!
At Excel we call our Group Training Program: Max Burn Unlimited Team Training. Why? Because our group training is a specially formatted, effective, and personal so that you burn Max fat and calories.
Accountability. Confidence. Results.
Are you short on time, but still looking for results, personal attention and accountability? Join us for our Max Burn Unlimited Team training! Our Max Burn sessions follow a 30-minute format that targets every major muscle group, several days per week, making it easier for you to get your workout done without taking a major chunk of time out of your day.

With Max Burn You Can Expect: Accountability, Results, More Confidence, Personal Guidance, Decreased Stress, Great Energy, Fat Burning Workouts, New Friends and so much more!

I Can Do Anything for 30 Minutes!
That's the sentiment echoed by many of Excel's Max Burn Team Training Clients, and it's also one of the key reasons they continue to get great results. Often times, people think that if they don't have a 60-minute workout, then it's just not worth it, but the reality is that our bodies respond better to consistent exercise rather than lengthier, inconsistent workouts. Check out some of our Success Stories, right here!

What you get with Max Burn Unlimited Team Training:
  • Your choice of 30 minute time slots Monday-Thursday: early morning, lunch hour or evening, this allows for scheduling flexibility
  • Team Train up to 4 times per week; as little or as much as you like on your schedule
  • Only 4 clients per personal trainer to assure you get the most attention possible
  • Key Card Training Access to Excel Wellness Studio - 7 days/week, 5am-9pm for cardio or additional workouts
  • BONUS: Weight Analysis before and after PLUS a Nutritional Guidance Packet
  • Stay after your training session and do a 15 minute cardio workout that we'll teach you for a bigger calorie burn
  • Max Burn Unlimited Training is set up on a low monthly payment plan

Max Burn Team Training: Only $169-189/Month!
Contact Excel Wellness Studio today for more information and your FREE One Week Trial!