Excel Wellness Studio
11705 College Boulevard
Overland Park, Kansas 66210
Success Stories
"I hurt my back over a year ago that forced me to become quite sedentary due to the pain. During the last year I've spent tons of money and time on chiropractors and doctor visits. Thankfully, a friend told me about Excel, I reluctantly reached out and was shocked that with some special attention from the trainers I am now pain free and moving better than ever. It's a great feeling to workout again!"
Tracy Rock
Max Burn Team Training Member

"Since joining Excel I’ve become a stronger runner, I’m leaner and I have less aches and pains from running. Even better, I’m ADDICTED to the Max Burn sessions, they’re so fun, individualized and quick! I love my time at Excel."
Gina Goldstein
Max Burn Team Training Member

"I’ve met all my goals, I feel great and have so much more energy since working out in the Max Burn Sessions at Excel. I’m doing so great that my husband says he won’t let me quit, because he loves my results too!"
Stacey Smyly
Max Burn Team Training Member

"I've seen massive results by coming to Max Burn, Excel's group training program. I'm in and out in 30 minutes and back to work. Not only have I gained muscle, I feel great, love the workouts and I never thought I could look this good in my 50's!"
Mary Grace
Max Burn Team Training Member
Black and Veatch

"I was looking for something quick and easy that would fit into my busy schedule. I love the accountability, results and camaraderie I've found at Excel Wellness Studio. My muscle tone is back, I feel good, the trainers are super helpful and I am thrilled to call Excel Wellness Studio my fitness home."
Kristi Brune
Max Burn Team Training Member and Working Mom

"I was really tired of the big gyms; I couldn't get into classes, the machines were always busy and there was no accountability. Excel has a completely different environment. I love the intimate, small group training sessions (Max Burn Team Training). Excel is home for me!"
Jessica B
Max Burn Team Training Member

"I've lost 18lbs of fat so far! I'm not quite to my goal, but I feel good and healthy. Most importantly, I'm keeping up with my kids and Max Burn Team Training fits into my busy schedule. Having the Excel Trainers hold me accountable has been huge. They've helped me identify how to make small changes, allowing me to keep moving forward and not plateau, like in the past. Excel Wellness Studio is great!"
Shannon Farrell
Managing Director North America
ARGOS Multilingual

"I wanted to find a holistic approach to training and nutrition that I could stick with. I didn't want supplements, shakes and a fast approach to weight loss and fitness. I wanted a healthy approach, that would help me feel good, and that's what I found at Excel Wellness Studio. I started with Excel's Be Inspired, Be Well program and I'm still here 10 months later because I feel awesome and it's the type of fitness community I like being a part of!"
Christa Sifrit
Pharmacist and Busy Mom

"In three months I've lost 17lbs and 3 inches off of my waist. My energy has drastically improved. I love the accountability and efficiency of Max Burn, Excel's group training program. I can get my workout in right before work in just 30 short minutes. The workouts are challenging and I always have a good time at Excel."
Kristen Fink
Pharmacist and Busy Mom

"I found awesome people at Excel. I don’t feel intimidated or worry about how I look working out. There are all shapes, sizes and fitness levels at Excel, which I love. The trainers are great, the workouts are challenging and I’m so glad I made the decision to give Excel a try! My results are the icing on the cake."
Kristi Myers
Max Burn Team Training Member

"I came to Excel hoping to gain a more toned look. In my first 8 weeks at Excel, I lost over 7 lbs. of fat and gained just over 2 lbs. of muscle. I am ecstatic about my results! I would recommend Excel to any of my friends and family!"
Jerri Harris
Office Manager
Quinn Plastic Surgery

"Not only have I lost 25lbs working with a trainer at Excel, but it has helped me in my career especially with my mental focus."
Jason Tanton
Prudential Annuitites